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Download the
FileBase Beta
Version 0.8.6
Expires Jan. 5th
Requires OS X 10.8

Announcing FileBase

A Native OS X File Manager for Currently in Beta.

FileBase is a native OS X app that interfaces with your file storage. Use it to retrieve pictures and movies other apps have uploaded to your account, to upload your own files for sharing, or just to store your documents on FileBase gives you complete access to your entire file storage space.

FileBase is in beta. It is what I would call stable, but only 90% feature complete. Still, your humble author finds it very useful, and I’d love it if you’d give it a try.


  • Is a Native OS X App That Looks And Works A Lot Like a Finder Window

  • Shows You All Your Files

  • Supports Drag and Drop Directly Into or Out of It

  • Uploads and Downloads Multiple Files Simultaneously

  • Lets You QuickLook Pictures

  • Can Share Public Files

  • Is Smart About the Rate Limit. Drag in 100 files & Go Pour a Cup of Coffee. FileBase Will Upload Them As Fast As It Can.

Download it Already

Important: This is beta software. Out of an abundance of caution, I insist you back up irreplaceable data before using FileBase with your account (as you should with all beta software, and really with all software period).

Download The FileBase Beta (Version 0.8.6 — Expires January 5th, 2015)

If you download the beta, please keep in touch!

I am @peteburtis on Follow me, and @mention me with feature requests, bugs, or general feedback.

What Does it Look Like?

So What’s Wrong With It?

Lots of stuff. FileBase is in beta for a reason. It’s stable, but there are bugs and omissions. I hope to snipe all of these off the list in the next few weeks.

  • No ability to cancel operations in progress except quitting the app.

  • No warning that operations are in progress upon quitting the app.

  • QuickLook support is barely there. It works on images, sort of, other files get an error message.

  • Has a stupid icon.

  • FileBase slows down with lots of files (>800 on my three-year-old MacBook Air; it can probably handle more on a real computer).

  • Drag and drop from the icon view is finicky. You must click and hold on a file for a moment before dragging it.